Specialist: Humberto Alves Barbosa
Name: Humberto Alves Barbosa
Institution: Laboratório de Análise e Processamento de Imagens de Satélites
Address: Campus A. C. Simões, BR 104 Norte Tabuleiro do Martins
City: Maceió
Country: Brasil
Phone: +55 82 9 9999 3043
Training: Doctor (PhD)
Code:: E-mail: barbosa33@gmail.com
    Web: www.lapismet.com
Humberto A. Barbosa received his BS in Meteorology at the University Federal of Campina Grande (1995), and his MS in Remote Sensing from the Brazilian Institute for Spatial Research (INPE) – São José dos Campos (1998) and his PhD in Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences from the University of Arizona – Tucson (2004). Currently, he is an adjunct professor IV of the Federal University of Alagoas.
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