Specialist: Walter Baethgen
Name: Walter Baethgen
Institution: International Research Institute for Climate and Society
Address: 61 Route 9W
City: Palisades, NY
Country: USA
Phone: 8456804459
Training: Doctor (PhD)
Code:: 10964 E-mail: web2103@columbia.edu
    Web: http://iri.columbia.edu/
Scientific expertise in agricultural systems, natural resources management, risk assessment and risk management (especially associated to climate variability and climate change), and information and decision support systems.
Over 25 years of demonstrated results in designing, implementing and managing International and National multidisciplinary research and development programs (obtaining funds, strategic planning, strategic alliances and capacity building), monitoring performance, and preparing publications (scientific and for general audiences) and reports.
Previous Institutions:
Columbia University, IAI, CGIAR, IFDC, World Bank, IADB, UN System (UNDP, FAO, IAEA, UNIDO), IICA Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela Private sector in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela