Specialist: Vicente Tinoco
Name: Vicente Tinoco
Institution: Universidad de Cuenca
Address: Av. 12 de Abril Cdla. Universitaria
City: Cuenca
Country: Ecuador
Training: MaestrĆ­a (MSc)
Code:: E-mail: tinocovicente@hotmail.com
Surface water hydrology, irrigation, river modelling, reservoir modelling, reservoir operation, hydraulic physical modelling, flood control.Oct. 2011.- Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador GPA: A-Thesis: Experimental determination of flow variables for the flood control structures in the CaƱar River, EcuadorNov 2011 - Aug 2012, Research Assistant at Universidad de Cuenca - PROMAS. Design of a reservoir project for water supply for Cuenca. Participation in several irrigation projects.Sep 2012 - Sep 2014, Master of Water Resources Engineering. Master of Science at the Interuniversity Program KULeuven - VUB, Belgium. Great distinction (Magna Cum Laude)Thesis: "Evaluation of Reservoir Operation Strategies for the Irrigation Scheme in the Macul Basin, Ecuador"Sep 2014 - on, Researcher at Universidad de Cuenca - PROMAS. Areas of research described at the beginning.
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