Specialist: Einstein Tejada
Name: Einstein Tejada
Institution: Food and Agriculture Organization
Address: Calle 14 de Calacoto # 8008
City: La Paz
Country: Bolivia
Training: MaestrĂ­a (MSc) PhD. candidate
Code:: E-mail: einstein.tejada@fao.org
Illustration of key case studies on Droughts (extent, impacts, drought risk strategies) in Latin America. / Animal Physiology and Metabolism of Digestion, Range Management for Animal Production. SHORT BIO:Engineer Agronomist (National University of San Simon, Cochabamba, Bolivia), Master of Animal Sciences (NMSU, USA), Assistant Researcher in Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry (University of Life Sciences, KVL- Copenhagen, Denmark)and Doctoral Program in Digestive Physiology Animal Sciences (KVL Denmark), 29 years experience in Development and Protection of Livelihoods and Agricultural Rural Development. Teaching and Research at National Universities (UMSA, UMSS and EMI), Researcher at Bolivian Institute of Agricultural Technology (IBTA) and Vice President in the Bolivian Association of Animal Production (ABOPA). Academician (Chair of Animal Production and Animal Science) at the National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia (NASB), and since 2009 until now is National Coordinator of the Risk Management and Rehabilitation Division in FAO Bolivia.
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