Specialist: Abdou Ali
Name: Abdou Ali
Institution: AGRHYMET Regional Center
Address: BP 11011
City: Niamey
Country: Niger
Training: Doctor (PhD)
Code:: E-mail: abdou.ali.cra@gmail.com
I am currently Senior Expert in Hydroclimatology, in charge of meteorological drought and water resource monitoring at AGRHYMET Regional Center, Niamey, Niger; coordinator of the West-Africa hydrological seasonal forecasting forum. I got my PhD at Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France on the topic: "Modeling the scale invariance of Sahelian rain fields: application to estimation algorithms and climate variability studies ". I have organized several workshops and coordinated more than ten projects in the area of water resources and climate change. I have also published more twenty articles under international reviews. I was the "2004 START Young scientist Award» for the puplication Ali, A., T. Lebel, and A. Amani, 2003, entitled the Invariance in the spatial structure of Sahelian rain fields at climatological scales in the Journal of Hydrometeoroly. I am currently President of the Committee for popularization of science of the Niger's Association for the Promotion of Invention and Innovation (ANPII). My areas of expertise are: Rainfall modelling, analysis and estimation both from Satellite and rain gauge; Geostatistics and applied statistics; Seasonal forecasting; Hydrological modelling; climate change impact and water resource.
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