Specialist: Catherine Pomposi
Name: Catherine Pomposi
Institution: IRI, The Earth Institute, Columbia Univerasity
Address: 61 Route 9W, 143 Monell
City: Palisades
Country: USA
Training: Otro Student (Pregrade)
Code:: E-mail: cpomposi@ldeo.columbia.edu
I am a current PhD student at Columbia University/IRI studying hydroclimate variability in the Sahel region of Africa. In general, I am very interested in the hydrologic cycle, its past variability and potential future changes, and particularly how these currently and will continue to affect societies. I recently published a paper on decadal variability of the West African monsoon in the 20th Century using a moisture budget framework. I will be expanding this work next to look at variability on shorter timescales from seasonal to interannual. Finally, I am interested in droughts in other semi-arid regions such as in South America.
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