Project: Managing Water Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean
Alias: MWAR-LAC Start Date: 29-10-2013
    End Date: 29-10-2013
Geographical Areas: Multinacional All Issues:
  • Degradación de Tierra
  • Desertificación
  • Sequía
Country: Chile region or municipality:: América Latina
General Purpose:
The objective of the MWAR-LAC project is to strengthen the capacity to manage the water resources of arid and semiarid areas in LAC through networking and facilitating international and regional cooperation. This will be achieved by developing pilot experiences and participating in regional projects together with relevant partners in Latin America.
Project Abstract:
The MWAR –LAC project is funded by the Flanders-UNESCO Science Trust Fund (FUST) and is implemented by the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) in collaboration with the Water Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Zones in Latin America and the Caribbean (CAZALAC) located in la Serena, Chile, which belongs to the network of Category II centers under the auspices of UNESCO.
Specific Purpose:
The project has three main thematic priorities: improved water governance as a basis to attain integrated water resources management; use of modern techniques and methodologies to asses and improve water use efficiency; hydro-climatic risk management including decision making;
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