Project: Andean Climate Change Interamerican Observatory Network
Alias: ACCION Start Date: 01-11-2011
    End Date: 31-12-2016
Geographical Areas: Multinacional All Issues:
  • Otro
Country: region or municipality:: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile
General Purpose:
The goal of this program is to enhance capacity building at both the scientific and the communications levels in our target countries so as to catalyze networking and strengthen simultaneously local research institutions and policy making in these countries. The ACCIƓN Program will result in a sustainable network of local scientists and stakeholders that can translate and implement the latest scientific results into on-the-ground adaptation measures. The project focuses on three main activities: 1) train local scientists, educators, water managers and policy makers; 2) provide cutting-edge education for a group of young scientists from the region in climate change and glacier modeling, and 3) outreach to affected population segments, industries, water managers and other decision makers in order to promote policy dialogue with local stakeholders, national governments and regional bodies, and to strengthen human and institutional capital.
Project Abstract:
Specific Purpose:

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