Publication: Soil Management in the Degraded Area Recovery in the creek sub-basin of Brum in the municipality of Jaguaribe-CearĂĄ- Brazil
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Located in northeastern Brazil, the state of Ceara has more than 85% of its territory under semi-arid conditions, with average annual rainfall of around 800 mm and average annual evaporation exceeding 2,000 mm. Besides the shortage of water resources, the territory is formed predominantly by shallow soils, very subject to erosion. Thus, 10.2% of Ceara, which is equivalent to 15,128.5 km2 are classified as degraded area susceptible to desertification. The project, started in June 2012, is being developed in an area of 5 ha in the sub-basin of the Riacho Brun, in the municipality of Jaguaribe, one of the most affected by this phenomenon. Besides the physical and socio-environmental diagnostic studies, several conservation techniques of soil management were implemented. Positive impacts of these techniques have already been observed like the accumulation of sediments in buses rocks that avoid the siltation on the rivers and reservoirs and the effect of the terraces, which has avoided the sudden runoff and hence erosion, providing moisture and the resurgence of some species of herbaceous vegetation. Management practices are being performed by people of the community under the guidance of technicians from FUNCEME, an institution of the government of State of Ceara. As a first result, these people are already absorbing the methodology and are prepared to replicate it in other degraded areas of the region.
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