Publication: EvaluaciĆ³n de Estrategias de OperaciĆ³n de Embalses para el Proyecto Integral de Riego en la Cuenca del RĆ­o Macul, Ecuador
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An irrigation project is planned in the Macul Basin Ecuador for supporting the development of agricultural activities, which represent the main income in the region. The proposed water system comprises three large reservoirs damming the rivers Macul and Maculillo. The planned irrigation strategy needs testing into an integrated reservoir/river management context. The river basin planning and operation was investigated by modelling alternative reservoir operation strategies aiming at a sustainable balance between irrigation and river ecology. The model simulates the integrated water system for long term periods of data, covering several historical extreme events. Results indicate that the planned irrigation volumes were higher than the available water for a sustainable irrigation. Two lines of action are suggested for reaching the target irrigation demands: one is to design a deficit irrigation schedule, and the second implies modifications in the reservoir's spillway height.

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