Especialista: Koen Verbist
Nombre: Koen Verbist
Institución: UNESCO Santiago
Dirección: Enrique Delpiano 2058
Ciudad: Providencia, Santiago
País: Chile
Teléfono: (56-2) 2 472 46 27
Formación: Doctor (PhD)
Código:: E-mail:
He is currently working as an Assistant Programme Specialist at UNESCO, for the Hydrological Processes and Climate Change section of the International Hydrological Programme. He is currently based in Santiago, Chile. He obtained a PhD in Bio-Science Engineering from Ghent University, a MEng in Bio-Science Engineering - Land and Forest Management from Ghent University and Universidad de Cordoba (Spain), and a BS in Bio-Engineering from the University of Antwerp (Belgium).
His research interests are oriented towards (soil) water management in drylands to improve biomass productivity and increase effective water allocation. Different disciplines are hereby required to deal with the different dimensions of the problem at hand. Insight in climatic variability at all temporal scales allows to assess climatic vulnerability and potential for drought mtigation through water harvesting and other techniques. Soil physics are required to evaluate the soil conditions that determine the soils productivity. Modelling the soil water balance then allows to determine this productivity, as well as to improve it by proposing optimal treatments for each climatic/soil boundary condition.
Instituciones anteriores:
Universidad de Gent, Bélgica(2008-2012) CAZALAC, Chile (2005-2008) Universidad de Gent, Bélgica(2001-2005)