Especialista: Yohana Carolina Acosta Buitrago
Nombre: Yohana Carolina Acosta Buitrago
Institución: Facultad de Agronomía. Universidad de Buenos Aires
Dirección: Bartolome Mitre 4217
Ciudad: Buenos Aires
País: Argentina
Teléfono: +5491158140675
Formación: Licenciado Ingenieria ambiental
Código:: E-mail:
I am graduated in Environmental Engineering (Libre University in Bogota-Colombia), my undergraduate thesis is developed in the lines of risk, forecast and hydrological modeling. Actually i am Candidate for master's degree in water management at the University of Buenos Aires i am in phase of thesis, carrying out an analysis of sociecological vulnerability to the reduction of ecosystem services of water supply and regulation for the Rio Gastona basin - in the province Of Tucuman Argentina, the study is going to use the ECOSER protocol for the socioecological analysis to achieve the production of maps of vulnerability and management of the basin with tools like GIS, remote sensing, and Multi-criteria analysis
As an environmental engineer, my research area, academic training and most of my professional career is focused on use and study of water quality,environmental education, water treatment, and integrated water management.
Instituciones anteriores:
Universidad de Buenos Aires
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