Especialista: Roberto Aroche Ramirez
Nombre: Roberto Aroche Ramirez
Institución: Instituto de Meteorolog├şa de la Rep├║blica de Cuba
Dirección: Cra. Santa Cruz el sur No. 55.
Ciudad: Camag├╝ey
País: Cuba
Teléfono: 053 032 261765
Formación: Maestr├şa (MSc)
Código:: 70300 E-mail:
- Weather and climate. - Development of computer tools for hydrometeorological applications - Extreme hydrometeorological phenomena. Monitoring and Early Warning. - Variability and climate change. Detection and attribution - Risk management of natural disasters
Cuban, born in Cuba on July 20, 1959 Meteorological Engineer, Master's Degree in Meteorological Sciences. Graduated from the Hydro-Meteorological Institute of Leningrad, LHM in June 1984. Currently Researcher and Assistant Professor of the Meteorological Center of Camag├╝ey (CMC), Diploma in Computer Science and Diploma in Transdisciplinary Approach to Complexity.
Instituciones anteriores:
All his working life, of more than 30 years of continuous work in CITMA or his predecessor, the Cuban Academy of Sciences, in close association with the Agricultural Research Institutes (IIA) Jorge Dimitrov and Superior of Agricultural Sciences of Bayamo (ISCAB), As well as with the University of Camag├╝ey and the Advanced Institute of Advanced Technologies, InSTEC.
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