Publicacion: Areas Susceptible to Desertification (ASD’s) in river basin in Semi-arid Tropics of Brazil
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The Northeastern Brazilian Semiarid Tropics is very complex in this context, we highlight the Areas Susceptible to Desertification (ASD's semi-arid areas, dry subúmidas and around areas of semi-arid areas). Are focal areas where established the cores of desertification. In the context of geo-environmental ASD 's, the hydrological dynamics of semiarid basins, feature seasonal regime intermittent or ephemeral. Therefore, to better know their catchment area in particular, and and its environmental conditions in General it’s very important to combat desertification. The aim of this study was to use the river basin as a geographical reference of analysis for the identification and mapping of their ASD 's. As a case study, was evaluated the Acaraú river basin, northeastern Brazil, State of Ceará (14,560 km², coordinates 40° 54’ e 39° 44’ west longitude and 49° 2 ' and 4° 59 ' South latitude). For this, were used satellite images LANDSAT TM and ETM + 217 scenes 7/63, 218/62218/63. 1: 250,000). For identification of ASD's was used as a technical procedure the digital processing of satellite images to identify the state of conservation of vegetation and soil degradation, crossing these data with index of aridity. To specialize the information was based on units of diagnostic landscapes by Nascimento (2006, 2009). The areas most susceptible to desertification are at medium-high courses of the basin in semiarid hinterland depressions. In the medium-down courses, even of predominance areas with geomorphological process of accumulation, there’re sectors that are being compromised in terms of land use, lack of environmental planning in the context of the semiarid conditions.
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