Publicacion: Drought Impact on Streamflows in Central-Southern Chile under Climate Change
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We have assessed the impact of projected increases in temperatures and decreased precipitation on the runoff of a number of representative river basins on the western side of the southern Andes (~30-40S). The altitude of the Southern Andes in the study area has an average altitude of 5000m in the north that decreases to 3000 m at the southern edge. Climatically the region has a Mediterranean–like climate with mainly winter precipitation that gradually increases southwards, from around 300 mm/yr to 1000 mm/yr. The region is home to most of the population in Chile, it has fertile and productive agriculture land, as well as hydro-electrical power plants. During the 20th Century the region has experienced a decreasing precipitation trend imbedded in important inter annual and decadal scale variability. We have used daily precipitation and temperatures from the CMIP5 ensemble simulations run under the RCP8.5 scenario throughout the 21st century to drive a hydrological model. Results indicate robust changes of decreased total annual runoff as well as changes in the annual cycle and shifts in runoff timing. Differences are found between pluvial and mixed pluvial-snow regime watersheds.
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